• Design procedure for conventional heating systems such as gas/oil boilers, fan coil units etc., Authorized Service Center for the most renowned boiler manufacturer (commissioning, supply of parts, repair within and beyond the warranty period)
  • Alternative Heating & Cooling Solutions (heat pumps, solar panels, solar collectors) …




In today’s smart world -where there is a competition between smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, we even have SmartPlates now- it is not surprising that construction industry, being one of the most developing industries, and in particular heating technology have undergone tremendous changes, in terms of maximum impact, control and management.


Take advantage of SMART HEATING!


Control your home’s heating and cooling remotely, conveniently with your intelligent device!


Whether traditional or modern geothermal solutions, floor, wall or ceiling heating and cooling, or cascade systems, we offer design and -if there are plans or concrete ideas- implementation service covering coordination, control, weather compensation, cost optimization, and remote control for individual or multiple household buildings and industrial facilities, completely in tune with the rhythm of our customer’s life.


  • enhanced feelings of comfort
  • cost reduction, cost optimization
  • long-term thinking


  •  room temperature control
  •  timing
  •  remote control

and tools:

  • thermostats
  • weather dependent controllers
  • remote heat controllers


More and more households and factories are looking for convenient and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions. We can help you achieve your goals by providing the following services:


Design of heating and combustion systems


  • Periodic maintenance – on an individual order basis
  • Regular maintenance – on a service contract basis
  • Heating operation of multiple household buildings, public institutions, industrial and sports facilities
  • Availability to ensure continuous and safe production and operation.