Whether heating systems for industrial technology, heat supply for social institutions or residential thermal solutions, professional installing is a key factor for proper, safe and economical operation of a well-designed and well equipped equipment, that is, many of the technical parameters required for optimal operation have been set and operation has been verified after the first start-up. Consequently, equipment manufacturers committed to high quality standards connect device warranty to professional installing.


A qualified service team takes care of troubleshooting and repairing faulty or malfunctioning devices reported by contractual partners and current customers. We take care of identifying the defects for the brands we represent we represent, we make an offer for the most optimal solution, where necessary, for the replacement of the necessary parts. In addition to urgent repairs of gas appliances, you can also leave installation and regular maintenance to us, thus ensuring long service life and reliable operation of your gas appliance.

Telephone hotline during the heating season: +36 62 550940
Fault reporting all year round:


More and more health and social institutions, multifamily complexes are recognizing that it is essential for them to have safe and economical heating, which requires expertise and care, and they lack sufficient capacity for these tasks, therefore we are entrusted with monitoring their heating systems by using different signaling equipment, performing regular yearly maintenance, providing them with the expert advice and suggestions they need, and be prepared for troubleshooting, when necessary.
We are proud to serve 15 partners, including the University of Szeged; the University of Szeged entrusted to us the responsibility of full operation of its 70 locations’ heating and cooling systems.


In today’s smart world -where there is a competition between smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, we even have SmartPlates now- it is not surprising that construction industry, being one of the most developing industries, and in particular heating technology have undergone tremendous changes, in terms of maximum impact, control and management.

Take advantage of SMART HEATING!

Control your home’s heating and cooling remotely, conveniently with your intelligent device!

Whether traditional or modern geothermal solutions, floor, wall or ceiling heating and cooling, or cascade systems, we offer design and -if there are plans or concrete ideas- implementation service covering coordination, control, weather compensation, cost optimization, and remote control for private homes or multifamily complexes and industrial facilities, completely in tune with the rhythm of our customer’s life.  


Air quality measurements
EU and domestic regulations designed to raise environmental awareness require air quality measurements, and the measurement of harmful substance emissions caused by the use of heating/combustion technology. Pursuant to the provisions of Decree No. 306 of 2010 (XII. 23.) of the Government on the protection of the air, an annual air quality report shall be submitted by 31 March of the year following the reference year, by the operator who is subject to a permit or operates a point source of pollution or diffuse source under Annex I of Regulation (EC) No. 166/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council.We can assist our customers by providing data for the preparation of the annual report based on combustion technology measurements.Technical safety-technical review according to the Hungarian Gas Act
Pursuant to the Act No. XL of 2008 on Natural Gas Supply and Government Decree No. 19/2012 (VII. 20.) of the Ministry of National Economy, it is the responsibility of the consumer/user to keep the gas appliance (boiler, convector, electric boiler) and its pipelines in working and safe condition.
Proper, safe and modern gas heating for your peace of mind!


If your area has hard water, you should definitely have a water softener installed! Hard water not only destroys washing machines and shower heads, but it can also do great damage to the heating system, including the boilers. For new equipment installation, the manufacturer specifies water hardness with appropriate PH value.  Whether for domestic or industrial use, our water softeners will provide you with the soft water desired.

Our specialist will install and commission your new water softeners, as well as maintain and repair your equipment for you.